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SevenCity Entertainment LLC is an independent record label and entertainment company where authenticity, quality, and innovation converge to empower artists. In an era where artists are underrepresented, SevenCity fosters a collaborative and transparent environment complete with the necessary tools to nurture their talent, protect their artistic vision, and guarantee them ownership of their creative output. We understand that the creative spirit transcends boundaries, leading us to actively explore avenues beyond music. Our visionary approach seamlessly integrates music with other forms of entertainment, including games, television, and film projects that push the boundaries of immersive storytelling.

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SevenCity Radio stands as the eminent platform for showcasing the talents of local and indie artists. Guided by our ethos 'From the city. For the city.', we meticulously curate a diverse playlist that embodies the cultural essence of our community. Experience the pulse of our urban landscape through a meticulously crafted selection of music. Join us in our mission to elevate emerging voices and celebrate the artistic tapestry of our city.

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