Think you got what it takes? Enter for a chance to win a Grand Prize of $150.00 and an exclusive song release through SevenCity. The annual SevenCity Artist Contest is designed for independent artists and bands all over the world who are looking for exposure, recognition, and a chance to be noticed by industry professionals. The goal is to find an outstanding, talented performer and present them with the opportinity to further their career. No matter if you're a newcomer or veteran, raw or polished, or anything in between, any unsigned artist has a chance to enter. Not only is there cash prizes, the contest also offers exposure, an exclusive song release through SevenCity, and a chance to be heard by redord label professionals. 

First Place winner will be awarded $150.00, merchandise, and an excluse song release through SevenCity. Second Place winner will be awarded $100.00, merchandise, and exposure on SevenCity's behalf. Honorable Mention winners will each receive merchandise and shoutouts on all social media platforms. Winners for the 2021 competition will be announced by early January 2022.


NOTE: We will only accept original and cover songs that are unreleased. Any songs that are unoriginal or have been previously released will be disgarded. Read the Terms and Conditions for more information.


Dec 17-31

Accepting submissions

Jan 2-6


Jan 7

Winners announcment

We will accept song submissions from December 17th, 2021 through December 31st, 2021. Any submissions before or after specified dates will not be regarded for the competition.

All submissions will be judged from January 2nd, 2022 through January 6th, 2022. All songs will be judged exclusively by SevenCity and it's affiliates.

Winners and Honorable meantions will all be announced January 7th, 2022. Further acftions for the winners will be arranged one-on-one with each artist.

Any concerns?