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Breaking the mold of what hip-hop is through their unique sound, Ether is breaking into the music scene with a brand new taste.

Ether is a Pittsburgh native, known for their unorthodox, punk fusion style production, multi-genre use of their skills and talent, and Afrofuturistic ideas. Ether has shown high potential and drive to execute visions. Working with many different music creators, Ether shows to be more versatile than the regular artist. Ether has been influenced by many artists. In Surrounding himself with different creators across different mediums, Ether is soon to be unstoppable. Booking a multitude of different shown across the city has been a significant stepping stone for them. Ether insists on making music that expresses themself and create banger after banger. In their most recent single 'Burn The Calling Card', the rock and hip-hop hybrid vibe of his previous work is there, frequently collaborating with labelmate Jaded. In soon-to-come projects, versatility and emotion are emphasized and to be expected from this rising artist.


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Burn The Calling Card