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Composing unique and different types of R&B, Patience Roy'al is on a whole new level coming into the music scene.

Born & raised on the East Side of Pittsburgh, PA, Patience Roy'al's love for music and art started with the voice of her father, singing to her in the womb. Since then, she has submerged herself in the makings of music such as piano and violin. With a flare of sass and passion, she never fails to show herself throughout her performances. Patience has been influenced by many art forms, not only music. In Surrounding himself with stellar creatives, Patience is evolving and creating her own sound. Working with many different artists has been a significant stepping stone for Patience. Patience insists on making music that expresses herself and bring awareness of consciousness to others.In soon-to-come projects, versatility and emotion are emphasized and to be expected from this rising artist.


No releases yet