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Creating with vulnerability and intentionality across multiple mediums, Treble NLS is set to Never Lose Sight on his vision.

Treble NLS is an Emmy-award-winning artist hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Treble signifies his love 
for the craft by naming himself after the clef. Being an active member of the NLS collective, he prides himself in having a purpose for everything he does and Never Losing Sight. Many notable achievements Treble has accomplished throughout his career include his Emmy-award-winning poem “Don’t Clip Our Tails”, a reflective piece about racial justice, the creation of his project "Reine: Story of an American Reject", his clothing brand  "REJECT" and fragrance "Tres Bien", and various performances across the country. Mastering his artistry through different mediums, his intention, vulnerability, and unique sound prove to connect with his audience and fans to come. Be on the looking for Treble NLS for projects to come, and all of NLS.


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